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Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy

Sleep for Toddlers & Young Children


This is NOT Your Baby Sleep Program

Sleep challenges for toddlers and young children can be quite different, even if the challenges appear similar. The solutions can be quite different.



Your little one is starting to develop some independence and is supposed to test boundaries. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach focuses on creating and maintaining connection and reducing confrontation.


Effective Options

You want your little one to sleep better now and in the long term, right? The Sleepy Lambs method sets you up for long-term sleep success, with a variety of options to suit your little one.


Improving Sleep is Fun!

The Sleep Academy knows that toddlers and children learn better when they’re having fun. Many of the methods taught are fun for your little one, and you too!


Regressions & Transitions

You’ll love the Sleep Stealers module. It’s packed full of lessons to give you the tools to manage any “sleep stealers” your little one may face such as dropping naps, nightmares or night terrors, moving to a bed and much more!


Handy Cheat Sheets, Checklists, & Templates

To make your journey to better sleep easier, download the handy printable cheat sheets will help you on your journey to better sleep!

Toddlers & Young Children

1-Year Access

Get 1-year access to the Sleep Academy for Toddlers & Young Children. Enjoy access to our private Facebook group for extra support!


Sleep Bundle

1-Year Access

1-year access to all 3 Sleep Academy courses – Newborn, Baby, & Toddler & Young Child! You’ll have access to our private Facebook too!


Lifetime Sleep Bundle

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all 3 Sleep Academy courses – Newborn, Baby, & Toddler & Young Child, including any course updates & more!



What Families Have to Say!

I used the baby 4 to 14 months online course for my first baby and found it so useful. Now my second baby is here I’m signing up to the online courses again. It’s so worth doing and Mary is very helpful if you have a specific problem. I highly recommend sleepy lambs academy.


No crying or screaming tonight at bedtime!!! Went down bang on 7pm too! Whoop whoop! Thank you so much! 


You’ll Love The Bonus Lessons!

Maternity & Adult Sleep

Struggling with your OWN sleep? Our bonus lesson on maternity and adult sleep will help you get the healthy sleep YOU need, especially once your little ones are sleeping so well!

Going Back to Work?

Heading back to work after parental leave? This bonus lesson will help minimise the impact on your little ones, helping them to avoid regressions and tips for better sleep at childcare.

Expecting a New Baby?

Congratulations! It’s an exciting time, but you may worry how your child(ren) will cope with the new arrival. This bonus lesson will give you the tools to minimise the impact, to make the transition to your expanding family go as smoothly as possible!

Individual Support Options


The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy has been designed to give you all the tools you need to help your little one sleep better.

If you’re looking for a little more personalised support, however, we’ve got you covered!

Our incredible team of Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants has put together a special package exclusively for Sleep Academy members for much less than a traditional, full support package.

We’re ready to help you every step of the way!

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