Sleepy Lambs Newborn Sleep Academy

33 Lessons

Help your newborn start off with great sleep! Learn gentle ways to encourage sleep in the first few months!

Sleepy Lambs Newborn Sleep Academy

Learn More About Newborn Sleep!


Just the Beginning!

As your newborn is getting used to “life on the outside,” it’s a great time to learn healthy, age-appropriate sleep habits. 



A strong bond and connection are so to you and your newborn. The Newborn Sleep Academy encourages a strong attachment and all the love and cuddles you can give.


No Tears

The Newborn Sleep Academy doesn’t suggest any methods or techniques that may encourage tears.   


Colic? Reflux?

Colic & reflux are common for newborns and can have a massive impact on sleep.  Learn how to navigate the associated sleep challenges.


Regressions & Milestones

As your newborn grows & develops, regressions may happen. Learn how to navigate the dreaded “4-month sleep regression” and other sleep challenges in the first 4 months.


Handy Cheat Sheets, Checklists, & Templates

To make your journey to better sleep easier, download the handy printable cheat sheets will help you on your journey to better sleep!

Newborn Sleep Academy

1-Year Access

Get 1-year access to the Newborn Sleep Academy & access to our private Facebook group for extra support!


Sleep Bundle

1-Year Access

1-year access to all 3 Sleep Academy courses – Newborn, Baby, & Toddler & Young Child! You’ll have access to our private Facebook too!


Lifetime Sleep Bundle

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all 3 Sleep Academy courses – Newborn, Baby, & Toddler & Young Child, including any course updates & more!



What Families Have to Say!

We used the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy and I’d highly recommend. We used gentle techniques, made a few tweaks and saw a big improvement.


This is an amazing course! The FB group is a great support and Mary is always on hand to answer any questions. Worth every penny and wink of sleep!


Mother of 2

You’ll Love The Bonus Lessons!

Maternity & Adult Sleep

Struggling with your OWN sleep? Our bonus lesson on maternity and adult sleep will help you get the healthy sleep YOU need, especially once your little ones are sleeping so well!

Going Back to Work?

Heading back to work after parental leave? This bonus lesson will help minimise the impact on your little ones, helping them to avoid regressions and tips for better sleep at childcare.

Expecting a New Baby?

Congratulations! It’s an exciting time, but you may worry how your child(ren) will cope with the new arrival. This bonus lesson will give you the tools to minimise the impact, to make the transition to your expanding family go as smoothly as possible!

Individual Support Options


The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy has been designed to give you all the tools you need to help your little one sleep better.

If you’re looking for a little more personalised support, however, we’ve got you covered!

Our incredible team of Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants has put together a special package exclusively for Sleep Academy members for much less than a traditional, full support package.

We’re ready to help you every step of the way!

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